[Update] MindMaple has patched to v.1.63

Dear MindMaple users,

MindMaple just released the version of 1.63 to patch the errors in printing function.

An error in v1.62 causes MindMaple program to terminate when clicking the “Print” button after clicking the “Preview” in the “Print” tab. MindMaple v1.63 has fixed this problem.

If you notice any further error, please don’t hesitate to contact support@mindmaple.com

We need your help to bring you a better mind mapping experience!

MindMaple  Team.

Download MindMaple v1.63 here


Learn a New Language with MindMaple!

Integrating new vocabulary in your native language can be difficult on it’s own, but adopting a foreign language can often seem like an insurmountable goal. The diction, the pronunciation and the conjugation! Oh my. It can all be a bit overwhelming. Whether you enroll in a foreign language course or are learning with a software like Rosetta Stone, practice is absolutely crucial.

Using MindMaple to quiz yourself on new vocabulary can help you adopt the language much faster. Use the expand/hide function to review terminology and quiz yourself. Click the image to expand, and follow the link below for the template.

Use MindMaple to help learn a new language

Download our Learning Spanish template here.

Mind Map Your Lesson Plans

There are many different ways you can apply mind maps in your daily life, whether at work or at home. We are always eager to find new uses for mind mapping, and our friend Chuck Frey, from mindmappingsoftwareblog.com, created some phenomenal templates for your use in MindMaple.

Educators know how tedious and ever-evolving lesson plans can be; you need something as dynamic as your lessons to keep you organized and on track in the classroom.

Download our lesson plan template below, and attach your Microsoft Office files, hyperlinks, images, notes and more.