About Us

Welcome to the MindMaple blog, where we post updates about our company, products, and mind mapping.

MindMaple is a new mind mapping software that features intuitive controls and a unique drawing interface to help your organize information and be more productive. Download Mindmaple and start adding organization and creativity to your life!


12 comments on “About Us

  1. Jeanne says:

    Bit of a rip-off that one is forced to buy the ‘registration service’, don’t you think? Excellent product but b*lls*it like this leaves a bad taste.

  2. Marlon Mehr says:

    Hello… I would have been very interested if you had a MAC app to go along with the iPad app. We do not use PC’s any longer at our office. The fact that you have iOS support, means that you aren’t that far off from Mac support theoretically. Moving on, sorry.

    • toribunte says:

      Hi Marlon – you are correct! Our Mac app is currently in development and will be available midyear. We appreciate your patience and support! Thanks for your inquiry – we’re very eager to have the Mac app as well! 🙂

  3. Dominique says:

    very cool application, really.
    I’m looking forward to getting MindMaple for Mac because I work on both OS

    happy new year

  4. Sorry..

    Hi, I just discovered Mind Maple, and I find it’s just fantastic !

    I don’t understand why your blog doesn’t seem to have any title, nor icon… (In WordPress you can choose to have a title, even if you don’t display it….)

    What a pity (as 4 me) !

    You san see what I mean on http://bernardlamailloux.com/images/message4MindMaple.png

    Anyway, congratulations !

    Truely yours (very) faithfully,

    Bernard from France

    • toribunte says:

      Hi Bernard! We are in the process of jazzing up our blog and will be posting on a regular basis shortly. Thanks for your support and keep checking back! We promise that a lot of good things are in store for MindMaple users this year! 🙂

  5. Sergio says:

    Is there any plan for an Android version? I would love to see one.

  6. Jan Willem says:

    The only thing is…. when will it be available on Android!

  7. Bilal DOGAN says:

    İ want to ask how can i delete subtopic or main topic without doing undo in my i phone.
    Thank you for answer.

    • toribunte says:

      Currently, “Undo” is the only option for deleting topics in our iPhone and iPad apps. We will pass your request along to our developers. Thanks for using MindMaple!

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