Celebrate with our 1,000 Facebook fans and win a MindMaple Pro!

Thank you 1,000 Fans!

Thank you 1,000 Fans!

It’s official!!! MindMaple Facebook hits 1,000 followers! Thank you for those who support MindMaple and also to those who provided feedback to help us do better!

We want to share the joy with you and invite you to celebrate with us by giving out 1 MindMaple Pro license for free every day during the event period (8/19-8/23)

To sign up for the lottery and win your MindMaple Pro, please share the event to your friend or social media and use the sign up sheet below to sign up for the lottery game.

If somehow the link of the event on MindMaple’s Facebook, Twitter or Google+  does not work properly, please leave a inbox message or direct message with your full name and email address to participate!



1. Follow our  twitter or Google+ , or Like us on Facebook.

2. Use the provided link to sign for a chance to win your MindMaple Pro license for 1 year.

3. Make sure to leave your Full Name and Email contact to claim the prize.

4. Sign up before 8/23/2013.

5. During 8/19-8/23 we will pick out one lucky mind mapper and announce the good news on our social media next day.

6. Share this great event with your friends and family! The more people join the game, the funner it gets 😉

You could be the one!


MindMaple Facebook page

MindMaple Twitter

MindMaple Google+


3 comments on “Celebrate with our 1,000 Facebook fans and win a MindMaple Pro!

  1. Ed King says:

    I’m new to Mindmaple. I purchased the iPad version and I was delighted that I was able to call your office and ask a couple of quick questions about important via Freemind format from another Mindmap app called Mindo.

    I have a 3 questions:

    1) How did you come up with the name MindMaple? Honestly, while your mindmap app has some of the best and well-thought-out features, I almost didn’t give it a 2nd look because the name sounded so — dorky.

    2) I looked all over site and cannot find any info about the developers. Seems kind of strange. Can you guys share a little bit of info about yourselves and your backgrounds.

    3) What attracted me your app is that it was the only app besides Mindo that offers boundaries which group a set of items in a hierarchy Question: Do you guys know the developer of Mindo? Or is that just a coincidence. BTW…. I migrated to you guys because Mindo has not been updated in 3 years.

    • toribunte says:

      Hi Ed! Thanks for writing us. The name MindMaple is based on the idea of a mind map’s various branches. Sorry to hear it sounds a bit dorky to you, but we won’t hold it against you. Our developers are located in Seoul, South Korea, where our parent company is headquartered. We do not know the developer of Mindo, but we’re glad you were able to switch over to us. Our official Mac launch should be later this month, depending on how beta testing goes.

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