[Update] MindMaple has patched to v.1.63

Dear MindMaple users,

MindMaple just released the version of 1.63 to patch the errors in printing function.

An error in v1.62 causes MindMaple program to terminate when clicking the “Print” button after clicking the “Preview” in the “Print” tab. MindMaple v1.63 has fixed this problem.

If you notice any further error, please don’t hesitate to contact support@mindmaple.com

We need your help to bring you a better mind mapping experience!

MindMaple  Team.

Download MindMaple v1.63 here


4 comments on “[Update] MindMaple has patched to v.1.63

  1. Kevin Cheung says:

    Cannot validate license file… after installation

    • yvonnewu71 says:

      Dear Kevin,

      Thanks for letting us know! We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience have brought you and We’ve been working on such matters.
      Please try again later this week If the problem remains by the end of this week, please don’t hesitate to email support@mindmaple.com
      We will do all we can to fix the problem!

      Thanks for supporting MindMaple!

  2. Colin Foster says:

    Feature request: Can you make “auto hide” on the Icon/Task/ClipArt panes permanent? Every time I open MindMaple the first this I do is dismiss those panes.

    • toribunte says:

      We’ll pass this suggestion along to our developers. At this time, we have no plans to implement this feature, but we will suggest it be available in settings. We built MindMaple as a mind mapping software solution for users with all levels of technological experience, so making something like this a default option may prove difficult for users not as familiar with MindMaple or computers in general. Thanks again for the feature request!

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