Mind Mapping is an Effective Filter for Information Overload

I came across this great article by Chuck Frey, “How Mind Mapping Software Kicks Butt on Information Overload,” and I wanted to share this, since information overload has become an inevitable epidemic in our society today.   With the huge occurrence of layoffs, for example, job titles are merging causing individuals to be forced to wear many hats and take on others’ work that would normally be separate from their own.  With this increase in workload, people are not able to filter through and process all the information thrown at them.

Thus, people’s typical ways of managing and sifting through stimulus are no longer effective with the amount of information individuals are faced with today.  Chuck Frey states that mind mapping is the new filter that will help people to deal with and make sense of this situation.

Chuck categorizes several ways that mind mapping will tackle what technologists call “filter failure”:

Distilling:  Mind mapping serves as an efficient and flexible filter, “helping us to distill incoming information and data into essential bits we need to take action upon and those that are supporting information. They don’t necessarily get “thrown away”, but can be archived within a single map branch or in a sub-map.”

Grouping:  “Mind mapping software also helps us to group related items together and classify them in ways that make sense to us…”  “Mind mapping software also excels at depicting relationships, via their hierarchy of topics, relationship lines and boundaries.”

Organizing:   Mind mapping allows people to arrange information in topics and subtopics and move items if desired which facilitates further understanding of the data.   Chuck states this in turn leads to increased productivity and decision making.  

Sharing:  Once all the information is filtered and organized, individuals can share their maps visually with others.

Mind mapping is an excellent tool to effectively adjust and thrive in this age of information overload.

Please check out this diagram that Chuck Frey designed to show how mind mapping filters information.


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