Introverts as Business Leaders

I read this article today by Chuck Frey, “5 Killer Advantages Introverts Have in Business and Leadership,” and it not only changed my perspective of introversion but also what roles introverts play in business.  The typical picture that people create in their minds when they think of business leaders tends to be a more extroverted, gregarious, and always surrounding themselves with others.  This article explains that as the world continues to evolve, introverts have advantages to become successful leaders.

Here are the five advantages:

1. They are most comfortable working within their minds and developing new ideas.

2. They are able to think deeply and consider more potential options and ramifications.

3. They are usually awesome listeners.

4. Storytelling – a key leadership skill: Because introverts are comfortable in the world of ideas and images, they tend to be awesome storytellers.

5. Anticipating and capitalizing upon change: Because they tend to be incessant readers and consumers of news, trends and business strategy and leadership topics, they are better prepared to anticipate change and leverage advantages and innovation from it.

Chuck Frey also discusses in his articles the link between mind mapping and introversion, stating, “I suspect that many users of mind mapping software are introverts, because they enjoy exploring ideas and their implications. It enables them to expose their thinking visually, on screen, and manipulate ideas and knowledge to an extraordinary degree.”  Mind mapping can help business leaders to organize their thoughts and manage their tasks, aiding in creativity and productivity in their work.


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