Mind Mapping to Improve Your Work Life

At a time when our economy is calling more and more for innovation and change, I was happy to come across this review of Chuck Frey’s new book, “Up Your Impact: 52 Innovative Strategies to add value to your work” by Biggerplate.  This book is centered on the idea of “adding value to your work,” something that is crucial these days with the abundance of layoffs and replacements in the workplace.

Biggerplate discusses how individuals now need to make themselves valuable and unique in regard to their work.  “It is no longer enough to turn up and clock-in. We have to identify better ways to contribute to the overall organisation, and better ways to make ourselves indispensable within it.”  Fortunately, Chuck Frey paints a rather bright picture in his approach by offering 52 practical and effective strategies and tips to overcoming the struggles people tackle in becoming indispensable in the workplace.

This is just another example of the many ways that mind mapping is used to improve lives and businesses.  The Mind Mapping Software Blog (Chuck Frey’s site) as well as Biggerplate are two very influential resources in the mind mapping community, providing a wealth of information about mind mapping and examples of mind maps, product reviews and articles.  If you are not yet well versed in the use of mind mapping and the abundant benefits and uses, we highly recommend you check out these sites.”


One comment on “Mind Mapping to Improve Your Work Life

  1. Liam Hughes says:

    Thanks for flagging our recent review of Chuck’s book, and your kind words about Biggerplate!

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