MindMaple Mind Mapping Contest! One Week Left!

Hello everyone.  We wanted to remind you all that our contest ends on June 27, so don’t miss out!  Please send your most creative maps to office@mindmaple.com.  Remember to design your map in either MindMaple Lite or MindMaple Pro.  The winner will receive a $250 gift card to Amazon.com.

For those of you that are not familiar with mind mapping and how to get started, I assure you it’s not a daunting task. Mind Tools has a helpful article, “Mind Maps, A Powerful Approach to Note-Taking,” that discusses mind mapping and its many benefits.  “Mind Mapping is a useful technique that helps you learn more effectively, improves the way that you record information, and supports and enhances creative problem solving.”

Further, Mind Tools explain that “by using Mind Maps, you can quickly identify and understand the structure of a subject.  You can see the way that pieces of information fit together, as well as recording the raw facts contained in normal notes. To learn more about mind mapping, its uses, and how to begin to create your maps, check out this article.  There is even a video for more clarification.  Good luck!


2 comments on “MindMaple Mind Mapping Contest! One Week Left!

  1. Aina says:

    I love MindMaple. Visually pleasing and very easy to use. I’m mind mapping everything in sight right now. Yours is the 5th I’ve tried this week and today I decided to bought the Pro ver (I want the export to pdf thing).

    I would like to see a post (or a page in your site) on this software future roadmap. I’m hoping for an Android apps (specifically for tablet), preferably with a viewing function roll-out first (since your file type isn’t compatible with another software?).

  2. jziino says:

    Hi Aina, thanks so much for your comment and feedback. We’re glad to hear you’ve been enjoying mind mapping (don’t forget to send a map by the contest deadline tomorrow!).

    We are a small company and have a limited development team, so right now most of our resources go towards improving the current MindMaple software for our users: bug fixes, interface improvements, additional export/design features, compatibility with other map file types, etc.

    For example, right now our team is developing a system to allow easier collaboration and map-sharing between MindMaple users, so that instead of sending the .emm file back and forth (through email, for example), users can collaborate online on the same map.

    We are also developing an iOS app for MindMaple map viewing and creation on the iPad, and we plan to bring MindMaple to a greater variety of platforms in the future. However our goal right now is simply to offer the best product we can on our current platforms, and to make sure we are providing you with the best software to map and organize your ideas.

    When we have exciting updates about future releases, we’ll be sure to share them here and on facebook and twitter.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions in the future! My email address is jabe@mindmaple.com.

    Best wishes,


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