Use Your Whole Brain with Mind Mapping

The human brain is split into two hemispheres, the right and left sides of the brain.  Each side represents different ways of thinking and processing.  The right side is logical, linear, sequential, objective, and analytical.  The left side is intuitive, creative, holistic, fantasy oriented, and visual.  Although people tend to lean to one side or the other in how they think, as children, we are much more right brained in our thinking; therefore, our environment and how we are raised has a strong influence on whether we end up as a more right or left brained thinker.

Since this is the case, we must then be able to put effort and practice toward utilizing both sides of our brains for optimal functioning.  Using both sides of the brain helps individuals to grow to their potential both personally and professional.  An example of this is in the article, “Left-Brained vs. Right-Brained – The Developer/Designer Paradox” by My Ink Blog.  The author describes the differences between how designers and developers think.

Developers are more left brained while designers possess more right brained characteristics.  Although both the developers’ and designers’ standard way of thinking enables them to perform the necessary functions of their job well, it also creates limitations and oversights if they are not balancing the use of both hemispheres.

For example, “The designer’s primary focus is on color, aesthetics, and branding.  Because they tend to be visual, creative thinkers, they strive for a visually appealing user experience. This explains why many of the designer’s portfolio websites are uniquely beautiful. That being said, it is common for the designer to overlook things like proper coding practices and form testing. At some point form needs to meet function and that’s where the developer’s strengths lie.”

So how do we go about learning to use both sides of our brain?  One way for sure is through mind mapping.  Mind mapping combines elements that appeal to both sides of the brain and therefore optimizes the brain’s ability to create and learn.


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