Manage Your Time with Mind Mapping

I came across this article, “Time Management Tips for Solo Entrepreneurs” by which lists 10 ways that entrepreneurs can use their time more effectively each day.  As a solo owner of a company, it’s difficult at times to even know the next step or action to take.  Being responsible for all aspects of the company can be a bit overwhelming; therefore, having an efficient and easy method to manage tasks, contacts, schedules, and presentations is crucial for their success.

Mind mapping is a very useful tool to organize all solo entrepreneurs’ needs to maximize productivity and creativity.  Entrepreneurs can use maps to brainstorm ideas without resorting to linear means, for example lists.  You can simply start with a central topic and then create floating topics with whatever thoughts enter your mind and then go back and filter which ones are relevant and useful.  From there, you can design your concept map creating branches, drawing relationships and using the many features available.

Mind maps are also great for presentations and a better alternative to Power Point.  With brain maps, you get to see the whole picture rather than individual slides in pieces.  You can also share the maps for collaboration and add/subtract content at any time during the presentation with just a click.

Since staying on task and maintaining a consistent work schedule can be challenging, especially when working from home, entrepreneurs can generate mind maps with their daily schedules and contacts.  At the end of the day, you can go back to the map with the current day’s schedule and edit it for the next day easily.


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