“Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”

Now is the time of year when everyone is running to the gym and trying various methods to eat healthy.  Summer is almost upon us which means bathing suits, shorts, and tank tops!  Are you ready?  You know the saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”  So, what better way to organize meal plans and exercise regimens then with mind mapping.

I see people at the gym with their pen and paper making long lists of their reps, sets, and exercises, and I know people as well that jot down their meals and calories to stay on track with their diet.  This approach is linear and doesn’t allow for creativity and fresh ideas.  Plus, it’s hard to see the whole picture when you have a page or two of lists.

Mind mapping is a great way to organize your exercises and meal planning/macronutrients.  You can use colors, priority markers, and other features when designing your map to maximize your creative potential and maybe even generate more excitement and motivation in achieving your goals as well.  Perhaps you are working with a trainer.  You can share your maps with your coach simply by emailing them.

Here is an example of a map for meal planning:


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