Introducing MindMaple Lite

Hello mind mappers!

We are very excited to announce today the launch of MindMaple Lite, a new free version of MindMaple, our software for mind mapping, concept mapping, and brainstorming. Previously, we offered a free trial of MindMaple that expired after 30 days. With the launch of MindMaple Lite, users can keep a permanent version of MindMaple on your desktop for free.

MindMaple Lite offers the same interface as the full version of MindMaple, allowing you to map concepts and organize ideas visually. We are committed to offering our users products that encourage creativity and insight, and our goal in creating MindMaple Lite is to ensure that everyone has access to the benefits of mind mapping.

Of course, there are some differences between MindMaple Lite and MindMaple full version. The full version offers a broader range of options for the design of your map, including numerous preset color themes, backgrounds, clip-art, and design options for branches, boundaries, and arrows. The full version of MindMaple has greater export flexibility, allowing you to export your maps to Microsoft Office or save them as .pdf files, and offers you the option to encrypt your maps for security. We also have some exciting features planned for future releases of MindMaple!

To ensure that all new users have the ability to enter our mind mapping contest, we’ve decided to extend the deadline for entry until June 1. We’re looking for the most creative mind map and the prize is a $250 gift card to! So be sure to send your maps to the the email and like the MindMaple facebook page.


3 comments on “Introducing MindMaple Lite

  1. REIBEL says:


    I use Mind Mapping software most over 10 years.

    I have downloaded MindMaple for a test use, and also published a post about it on my blog :

    I just wanted to know when MindMaple will be distributed in other language versions ?

    To read you.

  2. jziino says:

    Hi Michel,

    Thanks for your feedback. We do have plans to offer MindMaple in other languages in the future. However our priority at this time is bringing MindMaple to additional operating systems. Currently MindMaple is available only for Windows, and we’ve received numerous requests from customers who use other OS and wish to try MindMaple. Our goal is to bring the benefits of mind mapping to as many people as possible!

    Please check back at our blog for future updates. We’ll be sure to publish updates about future language support here at the blog.

    Best wishes,


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