How do you use MindMaple?

We at MindMaple are currently in the process of expanding and improving our website. One of our expansions is a page offering suggested uses for MindMaple, including a series of sample maps.

We want all visitors to the website, especially those who might be new to mind mapping, to see the diverse and creative ways that mind mapping can be used. I’ve attached a few of the maps we’ve made to illustrate uses of mind mapping for students and home users, but as we want our website to reflect the interest of our users we would love to hear from you!

What do you think of our maps? What are some creative ways you like to use mind mapping that we might have missed? Share your ideas and maps in the comments, or send them to us at

This map is an example of how your might use MindMaple to plan for a big event (in this case, a wedding):

This map, based on the mind map used in our youtube video, shows how mind mapping is useful for making travel plans:

This map illustrates how MindMaple can be used for studying and organizing notes for school:


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