Information Overload

We are all faced with an endless amount of information daily.  Information overload is truly an epidemic that everyone in some way, shape, or form has to tackle.  An interesting piece of information that I read recently discussed the distinction between “sensory overload” and “information overload.”  Sensory overload occurs when your brain is bombarded with images, sensations, and sounds; however, our minds are equipped to handle tens of millions of sensory information per second.

Why?  Our brains have had millions of years of evolution to adapt to this.  Information overload, on the other hand, is a relatively new issue and has only been such an enormous phenomenon in recent years.  Consequently, our brains have not yet evolved to be able to handle all the information that is presented to us.

As a result, we tend to lose focus, feel overwhelmed, and then become less productive.  We become obsessed with consuming as much information as we can (which is impossible) and steer away from what needs to be done.  This leads to procrastination, although we usually believe we are doing our work, because we are reading articles/blogs, etc.; however, the work that is necessary gets delayed or not finished at all.

Here is a link to an article from Lifehack that lists ways to overcome information overload and become more productive and thrive in the midst of the chaos.


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