After reading a post on time management and procrastination recently, I started thinking….  It is always important to be specific when creating mind maps, because listing ambiguous words like “write blog post” means there is still more information that needs to be generated; thus, people will generally put off the task until they feel like coming up with more specifics.   Equally significant, though, is to set appropriate time frames to accomplish tasks.   There is a term called, concentration threshold, which states that if people give themselves too little time to complete a task, they will not do it, because they view it as unrealistic.  In addition, if people give themselves too much time to finish a task, they will procrastinate up until the exact time when they need to start the task to get it done on time.  So, apparently, people do at least have a sense of how long it will realistically take to get tasks done, but do not necessarily allot the appropriate time to get it done.

I think, when creating mind maps, which of course is about being productive and managing time more efficiently, it’s important to put realistic time frames on the maps as well.  MindMaple has a number of great features to help prioritize and set time frames.  For example, there are task icons which have numbers to choose the order of tasks, percentages to show progress, check marks for completed tasks, and more.  Here is an example of a mind map I created.  Happy mapping!!


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