The MindMaple Blog Sets Sail

Greetings reader! Thanks for joining me on the maiden voyage of the MindMaple blog. Sorry, I’ve already smashed the champagne bottle.

To get this started, take a look at the following mind map, which I made using MindMaple. It’s a large image with small text, so you might want to open it in a new window to get a better look. The mind map describes how I envision the growth and purpose of this blog.

My vision for the MindMaple Blog

As you can see, one of my major hopes for the blog is that it can be a tool for interaction between us, the MindMaple team, and you, our users. We want to answer any questions you have about our product , so feel free to ask! And we would be thrilled to get feedback from you about MindMaple. We want to hear both the good–such as ways you use mind mapping to accomplish your goals, or mind maps you’ve made and that you think others will appreciate–and the ways we can improve and help you better.

Another goal I have for this blog is for it to be a site for sharing our ideas and inspirations related to mind mapping. I am continually amazed by the versatility of MindMaple as a tool. It can used by executives at powerful corporations to organize presentations and meetings and by children in school learning language and vocabulary. I’m sure each one of us has unique ways we use MindMaple. Let’s share our ideas!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!



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